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Perhimpunan Pelajar Dan Mahasiswa Indonesia Di Pilipina (PPMIP)

PPMIP was formed as an organization to foster brotherhood and cooperation among Indonesian students studying in the Philippines. Initially formed as Indonesian Students Union on September 30, 1957, it took on its current name of PPMIP on September 5, 1965.

The organization is structured to accommodate concentrations of Indonesian students present in the Philippines. It consists of a Head Office located in Makati, due to its close proximity to the Indonesian Embassy, so as to simplify communication and coordination between the chapters. Six chapters have been set up, namely the chapters of Makati, Manila, Quezon City, Los Banos, Tagaytay, and Silang.
Organizational links and tie-ups are present with the Indonesian Embassy in Manila. As the legitimate body to protect Indonesian citizens, particularly students studying in the Philippines, personnel with the Indonesian Embassy have been put as members of the Board of Trustees. Among them are, the Indonesian Ambassador to the Philippines, the Cultural and Education Attaché, the Defense Attaché and the Industry and Trade Attaché.

All Indonesian citizens that are currently studying in the Philippines is a member of the PPMIP, unless they give a written explanation to not become a member. This is meant to encourage participation of all students aforementioned in activities conducted by the organization.

Automatic membership within the organization also has a benefit for the member in that they do not have to reregister themselves in order to join, yet it poses another consequence. Many students lack awareness of the organization since they do not have to actively register themselves. A sense of responsibility to participate in the organization and enhance its existence is not developed, as membership is confined to areas that only have a chapter present. This causes alienation to students that take up study in outlying areas, particularly outside Luzon.
Membership fees in order to sustain the organization’s activities have always been the main income generator for non-profit organizations such as PPMIP, yet inactive membership has caused this method of fund raising to generate no substantial income benefit.

Activities and Programs
In order to achieve their mission, PPMIP has always implemented the following programs:

  1. Organizational

    1. To organize and enhance the administrative procedures within the organization, such as the filing of documents and the proper reporting of the financial condition.
    2. To promote membership by increasing exposure of the organization through the publication of a regular organizational bulletin.
    3. To conduct an annual Congress in order to observe the rights of the members.

  2. Education

    1. To conduct a regular seminar, symposium or workshop to enhance the learning experience of members.
    2. To provide complete information regarding educational and immigration requirements for new students and members through the publication of a guide book.
    3. To actively promote Indonesia to the Philippine community, through the holding of bazaars, seminars and cultural programs.
    4. To help the legalization process of diplomas for graduates from the Philippines.

  3. Social, Spiritual, Cultural and Sports

    1. PPMIP Head office will coordinate regular sports events with the chapter offices to enhance the solidarity and understanding among different chapters.
    2. To provide regular spiritual meetings amongst different faiths as needed by the members.
    3. To hold a cultural evening and bazaar.

  4. General Services

    1. To develop contacts with local Indonesian newspapers as to the activities of Indonesian students in the Philippines.
    2. To gain information regarding affordable air transportation for students, as well as shipping cargo requirements for students that have finished their education.
    3. To conduct recreational and brotherhood-enhancing meetings to provide an arena for socializing between members.
    4. To actively help any member overcome unforeseen difficulties while they are in the Philippines.

Although the array of programs planned by the organization is extensive and tries to cover all facets of student life abroad, it continually struggles to implement said programs.
In PPMIP’s case, many programs have not been realized due to factors that will be discussed in further chapters in this paper.