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Consular & Visa Services

Informasi Visa /Visa Information


Informasi Legalizasi/ Legalization


Informasi Paspor RI


Informasi Surat Catatan Kelahiran


Informasi Surat Keterangan untuk Menikah


Informasi Surat Keterangan Pindah


Formulir Permohonan/ Application Form


Travel Advisory


Informasi untuk WNI


Lapor Datang/Pulang dan Pengaduan Online





The visa is issued for the purpose of visit tourist spots; developing the tourism industry in Indonesia and managing/conducting package tour to Indonesia.


Valid for 90 days and for single entry with maximum stay 60 days.





Perfectly a good condition and valid passport minimum six months at the time of arrival in Indonesia. 


Complete the visa application form.


Complete the curriculum vitae form.


One coloured recent photograph (white background) size 3 x 4 cm.


Sponsor letter addressed to the Indonesian Embassy, which explains the purpose of the visit;


Copy of Hotel booking/accommodation.


Booking/Itinerary/Flight Schedule.


For foreign national who are permanent resident of the Philippines:


Photocopy of Passport


Photocopy of Valid Visa


Photocopy of ACR-IC


Visa fee P2,500.00.


The Embassy only receives payment in Manager’s Check from Banco de Oro, Union Bank and Bank of the Philippine Islands and payable to the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia.



The Embassy do not accept foreign national with temporary or emergency passport.