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The visa is issued for the purpose of a visit by an individual government official or of an international organization to the Indonesian government or a visit of a private foreign organization to the Indonesian government.


Valid for 90 days from the date of issuance for single entry with maximum stay 60 days.




Perfectly a good condition and valid passport minimum six months at the time of arrival in Indonesia; 


Complete the application form.


Complete the curriculum vitae form.


One recent coloured photograph (white background) size 3 x 4 cm.


Photocopy of ACR-IC (for foreigners who are permanent resident of the Philippines).


Booking/Itinerary/Flight Schedule


Sponsor letter addressed to the Indonesian Embassy, which explains the purpose of the visit.


Visa fee: P 2,600.00.


The Embassy only receives payment in Manager’s Check from Banco de Oro, Union Bank and Bank of the Philippine Islands and payable to: RPL 018 Indonesian Embassy Manila R VS