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The visa is issued for the purpose of business activities as follows:


Not Engaged as an Employee


to discuss matters in the framework of trade transactions;


to make on the spot observation and to discuss trade commodities for the import- export business;


to discuss with Indonesian enterprise/companies on matters related to capital or commodity production by overseas enterprises/companies;


to investigate possibilities for merchandising in the framework of capital investment with prospective partners in Indonesia;


to join an international show/exhibition;


to give lecture or join a non-commercial seminar/conference in social, cultural or governmental fields, with the approval of a related agency/institution/department;


to join a meeting held by the head office or a representative in Indonesia;


to make a journalistic visit, with the approval of a related agency/institution/department;


to give consultation, guidance, information or training in applying and innovating technology in order to increase the quality or the design of products, as well as to further marketing efforts abroad.


For Temporary Employment


to inspect company branches in Indonesia;


 to conduct emergency/urgent work;


to conduct after-sales services;


to install or repair  equipment;


to give speech at a seminar;


 to do non-permanent construction work;


to hold a show/exhibition;


to hold professional sport activities;


 to do medical activities;


to do work abroad on a ship/floating installation operating in Indonesian waters, territorial seas, a continental shelf installation, or an Indonesian exclusive economic zone;


to perform tests on work of instruments/equipments for prospective foreign employees.


Valid for 90 days from the date of issuance and for single entry with maximum stay 60 days.





Perfectly a good condition and valid passport minimum six months at the time of arrival in Indonesia; 


Complete the application form;


Complete the curriculum vitae form;


One recent coloured photograph (white background) size 3 x 4 cm;


Photocopy of ACR-IC (for foreigners who are permanent resident of the Philippines);


Booking/Itinerary/Flight Schedule;


Sponsor letter addressed to the Indonesian Embassy, which explains the purpose of the visit;


Certificate of Employment;


If the sponsor is an individual, additional documents must be submitted to the Embassy:


Photocopy of the Sponsor’s passport and national ID (KTP);


If the sponsor is not an Indonesian, photocopy of the passport and a copy of the Limited/Permanent Stay permit Card (KITAS/KITAP);


For the applicant who owned the company


Company profile;


Business Permit;


Approval of the Director General of Immigration. 


Visa fee: P 2,600.00;


The Embassy only receives payment in Manager’s Check from Banco de Oro, Union Bank and Bank of the Philippine Islands and payable to: RPL 018 Indonesian Embassy Manila R VS



The Embassy do not accept foreign national with temporary or emergency passport.