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The dance masks, whether for ceremonial or for entertainment, is painted wood. The eyes are an important feature of each mask, helping to convey the personality being depicted. So as not to distract from the painted eyes. The form of the dance or drama is set about with tradition is prohibited. There is no mouth - opening on the mask. Lines are spoken not by the actors themselves but by "dalang" or puppeteer.

The wealth and variety of Indonesia’s traditional arts and crafts is incredible. The variety and creativity of Bali’s artisans is well known. In no way inferior to those of Bali, however, are the woodcarvings of and Sumatra Bart, the traditional ikat textiles of Nusa Tanggara Timur, or the batik cloth of Solo, Yogyakarta, Pekalongan and Cirebon - to name just a few examples

In many regions of Indonesia, artistry is part of the daily lives of the people. The simplest household utensils, usually made of plaited bamboo or rattan, are often artistically ornamented with patterns that have been passed from generations.